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While of course we'd love you to eat at Tarbell's seven days a week, that's a little improbable.  So when you do go elsewhere, make it an independent restaurant that cooks with passion and care.

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A Zagat Top Ten

More than 50 Local & National Awards  

James Beard Nominee  

Iron Chef America Champion 

The Chameleon of Camelback :

Elegantly Comfortable

Energetically Relaxed   

Caviar with a Side of Spaghetti

 Classically Innovative

Publicly Private

Seriously Fun

3213 E Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ  85018

602.955.8100 ... eat@tarbells.com

Open Every Night 

5PM - 10PM Mon-Sat        5PM - 9 PM Sun

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Spectacular Special Dinners

January 11     Spottswoode Winery - SOLD OUT!
January 16     Carpineto Winery -
January 23     Schramsberg Vineyards 
February 5     Trimbach Vineyards

February 15   Alban Vineyards
February 19   Orphan Barrel
March 13        Agave Extravaganza