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Tuna Tartare on a Crispy Chip
Makes 8 Servings

2 lbs premium grade tuna (sashimi grade, very finely diced)
1 oz green onion (chopped very finely into very small rings)

1.  Toss together lightly to evenly incorporate.

Tartare Vinaigrette

1/8 cup sesame oil
1/8 cup rice wine vinegar
1/8 cup white soy sauce
1 T grated ginger
1/2 T grated garlic
3/4 T lemon juice
1/8 cup chili oil
Dash of salt
1.  Puree all ingredients.

Cucumber Relish
Makes about 1 cup

1/2 a large, peeled, seeded, cucumber, very finely diced
1/4 T minced ginger
1 T rice vinegar
1/2 T black sesame seeds
1 T sour cream
Salt to taste

1.  Mix all ingredients together. 

Serve with Avocado Mousse, on crispy crackers or chips.

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