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Tar's Cocktails

Tarbell's Top Shelf Green Point

Tarbell's Whistle Pig 12 yr. Blend, Carpano Antica, Yellow Chartreuse

Aged 3 Months in Small Batch Barrel

Our Manhattan Batch #12
Signature Mule

Tarbell's Sagamore Rye Whiskey,

Carpano Antica, Bitters

Ketel One, House-made Ginger Beer, Lime

Old Fashion Batch #13
The Valley

Tarbell's Sagamore Rye Whiskey, Allspice

Maple Syrup, AZ Bitter Lab's Orange Sunshine

Mezcal Union, Yellow Chartreuse,
Lemon Juice, Luxardo Liqueur

Bee's Knees
Rum Sidecar

Caskwerks Gin, Lemon, Vanilla, Honey

Zacapa 23yr, Gran Torres Liqueur, Lemon

Whiskey Sour
La Paloma

Smooth Ambler Contradiction, Lemon,

Cane Sugar Syrup, Foam

Casamigos Silver, Housemade Honey Grapefruit

Soda, Agave, Sal De Gusano

Kentucky Buck
Farmhouse Gimlet

Rittenhouse Rye, Muddled Strawberry,

Lemon, Ginger

Nikka Gin, Lime,

McClendon's Lavender Honey


Tarbell's Sagamore Rye Whiskey, Campari,

Berto Sweet Vermouth

Avuá Cachaça, Muddled Lime, Cane Sugar



Barrel Aged Cocktails
Classic Cocktails  ||  Matured in Oak  ||  with a Twist

Aged 2 Months  

Last Word  ||  Goose Island Sofie Rested-Nolets, Chartreuse, Lime, Maraschino

Aged 2 Months  
Scofflaw ||  Black Skimmer, Berto Dry Vermouth, Lemon, Raspberry Cordial
Aged 2 Months
Black Manhattan ||  Smooth Ambler Contradiction, Nonino, Averna, Bitters
Aged 2 Months  
Vieux Carre ||  Putnam Rye, Martell V.S., Carpano Antica, Bénédictine
Aged 8 Months  
Tarbell's Elijah Craig Manhattan ||  Porter-Rested Meletti Vermouth, Bitters