3213 E Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ  85018

602.955.8100 ... eat@tarbells.com

Open Every Night 

5PM - 10PM Mon-Sat        5PM - 9 PM Sun

" A carnivore, a locavore, a vegan, a vegetarian, a celiac ... and, what the heck, a pescatarian...walked into a bar. " 

If it was Tarbell's, there wouldn't be a

ripple in their rhythm.  

  • Unusually versatile and accommodating
  • A philosophy of fresh, simple, really good food
  • Seafood from the best places in the world
  • Meats hand selected and aged just for us
  • Produce from local farmers since Day One

We do all this in an atmosphere of refined relaxation with an attention to service that's becoming a lost art.  

And our barrel-aged cocktails aren't bad, either.